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Time to Take Responsibility for How We’re Living

Last week it was reported that U.S. health officials plan to endorse a common antibiotic as a morning-after pill that homosexual and bisexual men can use to try to avoid some increasingly common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The proposed CDC guideline is for the use of Doxycycline within three days of having unprotected sex to prevent chlamydia, syphilis, or gonorrhea. The reason this is necessary, according to Dr. Jonathan Mermin of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is STD rates are rising to record levels and “more tools are desperately needed.”

This guideline is specific to the group that has been most studied — homosexual and bisexual men and “transgender women” who had a STD in the previous 12 months and were at high risk to get infected again. Why were they at high risk of getting infected again? Because these infections are occurring as the result of having unprotected sex with multiple partners as a way of life.

We have abandoned morality – telling the truth and doing what’s right - in many ways over recent decades and no example is more in our faces and destructive than the sexual immorality that pervades our society. This story happens to be about homosexual immorality, but the behavior is equally prevalent among heterosexuals. The damage is far greater than the infections that result from promiscuity. This behavior is contributing to (and a result of) the destruction of the nuclear family, which is at the heart of a cascading series of problems that threaten the very essence of society. Children are not being taught how to live.

There is no freedom without responsibility. We have come to a place where many want to be free to do whatever they choose without accepting responsibility for the consequences. We are fed lies and told we are victims of our circumstances. If we’re fat, anxious, depressed, or spreading sexually transmitted diseases, there is a pill for it. Don’t want the child you’re carrying? Kill it. Don’t like your gender? Change it. How to deal with the epidemic of drug overdoses? Create spaces where addicts can shoot up “safely” and have everyone carry the antidote Narcan to resuscitate the person we find unconscious on the street. Take out a loan you don’t want to repay? The government will shift it to the taxpayers. See something you like that isn’t yours? Steal it. These examples hardly scratch the surface.


Our moral decay will destroy us if we don’t reverse it. It’s time to tell the truth about right and wrong and accept responsibility for how we are living.

There is an important side story to this Blast. Doxycycline, a cheap antibiotic that has been available for more than 40 years, is a treatment for a number of health problems including acne. A year ago, San Francisco’s health department began promoting doxycycline as a morning-after prevention measure. There was no official recommendation for its use for this purpose. Infection rates were rising and, “we didn’t feel like we could wait,” said Dr. Stephanie Cohen, who oversees the department’s STD prevention work. Using drugs “off label” is common practice in medicine. There was no outcry from the government or the media or threats from the medical establishment to end the career of Dr. Cohen.

It is extremely important to understand that this “off label” use of a drug is identical to how Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Physicians, trying to save lives with inadequate information about the virus they were battling, tried antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs that they used safely for many years for other purposes. They were villainized by the government, the media and, most unforgivably, by the medical bureaucrats who allowed science to be politicized. They were the real heroes of the pandemic for their willingness to speak the truth about the state of COVID science and do what they thought was right at great personal risk. They were threatened with their licenses, their certifications, and their jobs. We experienced firsthand the lying and the dangerous abuse of power by government officials with the full cooperation of the medical establishment, something I never thought I would see in nearly 50 years as a medical professional. They continue to lie. Restoring trust is their work, not ours. Until they do, don’t believe a word they say.

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