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A Political Calculation for the People


The media and politicians on both sides of the aisle got a jolt of renewed hope and energy in their unsuccessful campaign to destroy Donald Trump when he emphatically urged Republicans to reject the “bipartisan” immigration deal that is being crafted in the Senate. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are beside themselves. They declared it unconscionable that Donald Trump would use the American people as pawns in his quest to be reelected President. They say this is the best immigration deal in a lifetime and Trump would rather have illegal immigration unresolved to boost his reelection chances than do what is right for the American people.


The media has been in a frenzy presenting the likes of Mitt Romney and Gavin Newsom to explain how awful Trump is. There isn’t nearly enough airtime or print space to tell us all we need to know about the evils of Trump.


Here’s the truth about Trump’s political calculation.


On the Democratic debate stage, sandwiched between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, then candidate for President Joe Biden said, “I would immediately surge to the border all those seeking asylum.”  Hours after his inauguration, Biden signed an order suspending Trump’s remain in Mexico policy. And surge they did.


Since Biden took office more than 7 million illegal migrants have crossed into the United States. Along with them the influx of Fentanyl is killing Americans in record numbers. We don’t know who the migrants are and we don’t know where they are. The American people are furious that Biden allowed this to happen.


The Biden Administration and his reelection campaign have had a rude awakening. The American people all across the political spectrum have made it clear immigration is their number one concern, and it is one more in a number of issues that will cost Biden the election. Biden and the Democrats are backed into a tight corner. They will never be more motivated to agree to immigration changes they do not want than they are now. Their political lives depend on it.


The politicians who drafted this immigration bill did what politicians always do. They nibbled around the edges and proudly announced that together they are taking a step in the right direction. We haven’t seen the text yet but the leakers have told us there is no remain in Mexico policy, “catch and release” is still the practice, and it will take 5,000 illegal migrants in a day to trigger closure of the border. The American people are not interested in a step in the right direction. We want these illegal crossings brought to a screeching halt and Donald Trump understands this. This is not the “unique opportunity” for bipartisanship that politicians are trying to sell us. This is a one-time opportunity to do exactly what the American people are demanding.


Everything that happens in government is a political calculation. Those who would like us to believe otherwise are liars. Evaluating choices with an eye on what will keep the voters with you is not inherently sinister. However, politics is the art of wielding power and for the political parties and the career politicians clinging to power has become an end unto itself. Serving the people got lost along the way.


Donald Trump understands that the people will not, and should not, settle for half a loaf. At long last, a political calculation for the people.

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