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Elections Matter


This month, the Dane County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution making the county a “sanctuary” for “transgender and nonbinary” people, the first in the country. After four hours of public comment, mostly in opposition, the resolution passed 25 – 1. The resolution is considered a preemptive strike against any statewide legislation that attempts to restrict “gender affirming care” by banning puberty blocking drugs or surgeries for minors. The resolution “urges the sheriff to make enforcement their lowest priority” in the event such legislation is passed.


The liberal push to force mainstream society to embrace the lie of transgenderism is abetted by a media that has abandoned truth in favor of promoting the liberal agenda. Donald Trump correctly called the media an “enemy of the people” for the threat they pose to freedom.


The Associated Press (AP) has long been the go-to source for journalists. Their style book is a reference used by journalists everywhere. The AP just released new guidelines intended to suppress transgenderism is an ideology and require journalists, in the name of good journalism, to treat it as a fact. Included in the guidelines are:


 “Do not use the term transgenderism, which frames transgender identity as an ideology.”


“Avoid references to a transgender person being born a boy or girl or phrasing like birth gender.”  “Sex assigned at birth is the accurate terminology.” The document goes on to claim that “sex is usually assigned at birth by parents or attendants, sometimes inaccurately.”


The AP also bans journalists from referring to  “preferred or chosen pronouns,” instead using phrases such as “the pronouns they use, whose pronouns are, who uses the pronouns.”


Regarding sports, the AP tells journalists to avoid “phrasing that misgenders people or implies doubt, such as former men’s swimmer or currently competes as a woman.”


The liberal campaign to normalize the lies that there are more than two genders and gender is a choice is intense and unrelenting and must be rejected. Make no mistake. Adults in a free society can live their lives as they choose. Mistreatment of any person for any reason cannot be condoned or tolerated. However, the campaign to confuse children with the lie that they can choose their gender, or be no gender at all, is doing real and lasting harm and must be aggressively defeated.


Creating a sanctuary for transgenderism is the focus of the Dane County story but it is not the only important lesson we should take from it. We are in the midst of the systematic dismantling of the branches of government, which were thoughtfully designed by our founders to maintain balance and protect freedom. Urging the Sheriff of Dane County to disregard the law within the text of a legislative resolution should alarm us. All across the country we are seeing district attorneys disregarding laws they are legally bound to enforce, legislatures neglecting to pass laws that are clear and reflect the priorities of the people who elected them, and judges who legislate from the bench rather than interpret the law. Our freedom will not stand if we allow the functions of government to collapse. Safeguarding our republic will require electing the right people at all levels and we have a lot of housecleaning to do. Elections matter…now more than ever.

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