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 Government Abuse of Power
is Far More Dangerous
than COVID-19

For the vast majority of us, COVID-19 poses no serious threat.  Our immune system will successfully fight it off.  We face a much more serious threat from our government, assisted by a dishonest media, using misinformation to unnecessarily frighten and sow division among us, while trampling on our freedom.  It’s our job as citizens to wrestle back control of our state from incompetent and corrupt government officials.  As your governor, protecting our freedom will always be my highest priority.


Our government has inflicted much damage in a very short time.


They lied to us about the danger the virus poses, deliberately withholding information that is vital to understanding the big picture.


  • Only 13% of Wisconsinites have had confirmed cases.  Many more had the virus but weren’t sick enough to see a doctor or get tested.

  • Of those who were diagnosed with COVID-19, 99% have recovered, 1% have died and only 5% were ever hospitalized.

  • Cases include anyone who tests positive.  Most of these people are not experiencing serious illness. 

  • Deaths include anyone who dies from any cause and tests positive for COVID-19. This is not the same thing as dying from COVID-19.

  • Healthy children seldom have serious illness and are low transmitters of the disease.

  • Anyone who has had COVID-19 has natural immunity to the virus which is far better than the vaccine.



They lied by calling vaccines are “safe and effective” long before scientific study supports that claim.


  • The vaccines are a new technology.  We have less than a year of experience with them and there is much we do not yet know.

  • Vaccinations stimulate our own immune system to protect us from serious illness or death.  It is a lie that the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated.

  • Vaccines are producing the desired antibodies in the vaccinated, but protection is wearing off at about 8 months.  Booster shots are being recommended.

  • The CDC has reported serious adverse effects in some who have received the vaccines, including cardiac disorders, clotting disorders, neurologic disorders and death.  Though there have been thousands of incidents reported, the CDC minimizes them because they are “rare” in the context of the hundreds of millions of doses given.  They are not insignificant.

  • Vaccinating healthy children with a vaccine whose long term effects are unknown, and for whom the threat of serious illness is so low, is unethical.



They lied to us about mask effectiveness and mandated them arbitrarily and inconsistently.  Mandates were designed to make people feel as though they were doing something to protect themselves while training them to be dutifully compliant.  The virus is about one micron in size.  Most of the masks only prevent the passage of particles larger than 3 microns.  Many boxes the masks come in carry a disclaimer that they will not prevent infection.  Wearing a mask must be at the discretion of the individual.


They lied when they said locking down the healthy was necessary.  Never before have we quarantined the healthy in response to illness, but that’s exactly what our government officials ordered.  In the process, and through a combination of intent and incompetence, many businesses failed, bringing countless numbers of our hard-working fellow citizens economically to their knees.  The virus never could have inflicted the damage to our country that the professional politicians and bureaucrats did.


Our government officials have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.  They have pretended the scientific knowledge of COVID-19 and the vaccines is greater than it is.   They have distorted the numbers to keep us fearful and compliant. They have silenced the dissent of credible medical voices who disagree with the directions being taken.  They have arrogantly taken the position that they know what’s best for us.


COVID-19 is the battleground on which we must wage the war for our freedom.  Resist all mandates.  Demand your right to privacy if you are asked to produce your vaccine status by your employer or anyone else.  Your medical information is protected and private.  Don’t share it.  Evaluate your risk of serious illness against the potential benefits of a vaccination and then make the decisions that are right for you and your family.


There is a movement afoot to fundamentally change our country.  Division and dependence are being used as political strategies to grow the size and scope of government.  Remaining free is going to require being informed and engaged.  As your governor, I will never lose sight of the fact that the government exists to protect our rights.  Please join me in taking back our state.


The data sources for this article are the CDC and the Wisconsin Department of Health.  October, 2021.

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