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Donald Trump is not an Enemy of Freedom

The media was in a frenzy last week feasting on Liz Cheney’s book Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, Jonathan Karl’s book Tired of Winning, and a special issue of The Atlantic devoted to “imagining” what a second Trump term would look like. The network and cable news program schedules were jammed with the authors and editor of this next installment of the crusade to destroy Trump. The anchors and their panels were beside themselves in their zeal to protect America from the dangers of Trump. Jake Tapper from CNN couldn’t resist proclaiming if Trump is elected again there will be no more elections. He will stay in office forever. 


Liz Cheney has declared it her mission to make sure Donald Trump never sets foot inside the Oval Office again. She seems oblivious to the fact her constituents booted her from office at their first opportunity. We all witnessed the disrespect and disdain Jonathan Karl leveled at Donald Trump when he was a White House correspondent. Today, his book is described as “packed with new reporting” and pronounces Trump more extreme, vengeful, and divorced from reality than ever.


The Atlantic declared its purpose to be warning America of the consequences if Trump wins a second term. Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg introduced the Atlantic issue: “Our concern with Trump is not that he is a Republican, or that he embraces—when convenient—certain conservative ideas. We believe that a democracy needs, among other things, a strong liberal party, and a strong conservative party in order to flourish. Our concern is that the Republican Party has mortgaged itself to an antidemocratic demagogue, one who is completely devoid of decency.”


The Atlantic’s liberal ideology is uncontested and the essays in this special issue are no exception: “The Revenge Presidency,” “America will Abandon NATO,” “Loyalists, Lapdogs and Cronies,” “The Specter of Family Separation,” “Trump will Get Away with It,” “Women will be Targets,” “Climate Denial will Flourish,” “Is Journalism Ready?.’


Destroying Donald Trump throughout his political lifetime has been a high priority of the political parties, the media, and many career bureaucrats at the helm of government agencies. The attacks have included false claims of collusion, impeachments, and now, multiple indictments. They have not been able to erode the enthusiasm the voters have for how Trump governs. His enemies are near panic now and are forced to elevate their assault to the next level. The gloves are off as the media abandons any pretext of truth-telling or objectivity.


Their inability to gain traction with the voters baffles them. They don’t seem to understand they continue to fail because we all lived through the Trump presidency, and we are living through the Biden presidency. We can’t be gaslighted. We know what is real. During Trump’s term we were thriving. The economy was humming, the borders were secure, trade agreements were fair, regulation was decreased, our allies paid their share, employment was strong for all sectors, and we were energy independent. We were free. Under Biden we have record inflation, millions of illegal migrants, and an unprecedented flow of drugs into the country. By far, the greatest threat from Biden is the suppression of our freedom. We have experienced his attempts to redistribute wealth, to regulate everything from the cars we drive to the appliances we use, arbitrary closure of businesses, coercion of free people to be vaccinated and masked and, most egregious, the censoring of our free speech.


Voter support for Trump is not complicated. Love of freedom and unwavering commitment to living free.


I did not write this piece to urge you to vote for Trump. We are each capable of evaluating our options and making our decisions. I wrote this to expose the dangerous interference of the American media in our political process and their betrayal - lying to us and trying to limit our choices.


Donald Trump is a real and present danger. To the political parties. To the Deep State. To the media. To the pollsters. To the status quo and all who benefit from it. Donald Trump is not an enemy of freedom. American media is the greatest enemy of freedom.

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