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Jill Biden Leads Joe Biden off the Stage After a January 5 Speech

We Are Not Extremists But We Do Intend to Defeat Those Who Are


Special Counsel Robert Hur, appointed by the Attorney General (AG) of the United States to investigate President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, issued his report this month. The report concluded that Biden, when a senator and Vice President, willfully retained and disclosed information classified at the highest level of top secrecy, but criminal charges were not warranted. Hur explained his decision not to charge Biden: “At trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”  The report continued “Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him — by then a former president well into his eighties — of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.” 


The Special Counsel team’s observation that Biden is an 81-year-old man with declining mental and physical capacity was no surprise to the American people. Despite his team’s efforts to keep the President out of sight, and particularly out of situations in which he may ad lib, his dementia and feebleness are routinely in full view. The President’s team is well aware of the truth. They didn’t even have the confidence to let him participate in a softball interview by CBS during the Super Bowl. An ABC poll released last Sunday found 86% of those surveyed, including 73% of Democrats and 91% of Independents, say Biden’s is too old to serve as President.


As expected, the liberal media and promoters of Biden went wild. There was a real sense of panic that the opinion held by the vast majority of Americans was confirmed in the report. There was also the obvious recognition by many that two things cannot be true:  Biden cannot be both too cognitively impaired to prosecute and fit to be president.


The sad truth is that no one in Biden’s inner orbit seems to care enough about him to help him realize it’s time to step away. The Party apparatus immediately shifted to campaign strategy and concluded that convincing the country to fear “MAGA extremists” is their only hope.


Paul Begala, a pit bull of the Democratic Party from the Clinton era, was surprisingly candid. After acknowledging the report was “terrible for Democrats,” he went on to say “what you do is attack. Change the subject. He needs to be on the attack 24/7.”   “Everything with Biden has to be not ‘I’m great’ –(but) the other guy’s really damaging, dangerous, a threat.”


From now until the election, we can expect the Democratic attack machine, aided by the dishonest media, to try to convince the American people that those who will vote to return Donald Trump to the Presidency are a cult of extremists who have been mesmerized by the Devil incarnate. They warn that democracy itself is on the line. Democracy is, in fact, on the line and extremism is a matter of perspective.


  • Extremism is allowing more than 7 million illegal migrants to cross our southern border, infiltrating and disrupting cities and towns across the country.

  • Extremism is denouncing serious attention to the verifiability and integrity of our elections as voter suppression.

  • Extremism is pushing the lie that people can choose their gender, change their gender, or choose to be no gender at all.

  • Extremism is censoring the right of free speech and making the government the arbiter of misinformation.

  • Extremism is allowing Iran-backed terrorists to attack our military personnel more than 150 times without a meaningful response.

  • Extremism is burdening citizens with excessive cost and regulation in homage to the greatest, unprovable theory ever put forth: that humans can control  the course of climate change.

  • Extremism is allowing our beautiful cities all across the nation to become havens of crime, homelessness, and decay.

  • Extremism is sinking billions of dollars into our schools but failing to educate the significant majority of children in the fundamentals they need to succeed.

  • Extremism is government mandates trampling on our individual liberty.

  • Extremism is burdening hardworking American taxpayers with debt that belongs to students.

  • Extremism is seeking to divide us based on meaningless differences while ignoring our greatest unifying bond – We are Americans.

  • Extremism is weaponizing the government to destroy political opponents.

  • Extremism is a thirst for power so great that a demented and feeble old man would not be protected from the humiliation of running for President long after being fit to serve.


Make America Great Again (MAGA for short) is an ideal rallying cry for the many millions of Americans who eagerly await the day they will return Donald Trump to the Oval Office to begin the work of reclaiming our freedom, reestablishing our position of strength in the world, exposing, and disrupting, the corruption in Washington DC, and making the long trek back to a country that values truth and personal responsibility. We are not a cult. We are freedom loving Americans. We are not extremists but we do intend to defeat those who are.

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