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Individual Responsibility in a Free Society


The Wisconsin State Journal headline January 2 was “Mom Issues Call to do More After Teen’s Death.”  This was the tragic story of a fourteen-year-old adolescent who died by suicide last November.  The grief-stricken mom says no parent should ever feel what she is experiencing and “I think we need to be doing more” to provide LGBTQ kids a place where they fit and are accepted. A study conducted by two UW educators concerning the higher suicide rates among “queer and trans kids” was a focus of the article.


The child was identified by name, Graciella-Sawyer-Caulkins-Feltz; was described as “non-binary;” and referred to throughout the article with the pronouns they and them.  There was no way for the reader to discern if the deceased was a boy or a girl from the language used or the picture that was included in the article.  There was no mention of a father.


This unspeakable tragedy screams that it is way past time for each of us to live up to our responsibilities to tell the truth and do what we know is right in all matters.  This child was a boy or a girl, and, along with many others, was victimized by adults pretending that people can change their gender or choose to be no gender at all.  The confusion and despair that result from trying to live this lie are destroying troubled, vulnerable young people. We can expect many more tragic endings if we don’t put a stop to it. Every adult who actively promoted the lie, or passively went along, bears responsibility for this death.


The liberal agenda that is threatening to destroy our country can only succeed if those of us who oppose it allow it.  The aggressive attacks on our freedoms in recent times have stunned many into remaining silent or going along with things they know are wrong.  This must end now.


A recent national study by the Cato Institute found that 62% of Americans say the political climate prevents them from saying what they believe. People fear backlash from others and fear their views could harm their employment.


These concerns are not unfounded.  We have witnessed freedom of speech trampled, individuals ostracized, livelihoods threatened, and real harm inflicted on those who were brave enough to take a stand.  We have reached the critical juncture where each of us must evaluate the potential adverse consequences of speaking the truth and doing what’s right against the price of losing our freedom.  Finding the courage to fight back is an individual undertaking. Many of our ancestors thought freedom was worth dying for.  What is it worth to us?


We do not need permission from any authority to do what’s right, and there is no authority that can compel us to lie or engage in wrongdoing. Law enforcement must act when rioters are destroying our cities or criminal activity threatens our safety. Health professionals must refuse to take part in “gender affirming care” for children. In matters of public health, medical professionals must speak up when they know pertinent science is being withheld from the people. Teachers must say no to sexualizing children or indoctrinating them with lies. We must all refuse to be censored; refuse to be coerced into changing our language; refuse infringement on our personal autonomy; and refuse to pretend wrongs are right.  There will be no consequence greater than losing our freedom.


Many in leadership in government, education, health care, politics, corporations, and other institutions have proven themselves untrustworthy. The media abandoned truth long ago.  We are going to have to rely on the Commandments of God and our own good judgement.  This is no time to go along to get along. Individual acts of courage – risking adverse, personal consequences to tell the truth and do what’s right - collectively comprise the power of the people.  It’s the power of the people that will reclaim our country.

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