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Sidestepping Competence is an Act of Bigotry


The liberals’ obsession with what they call “equity” has them sidestepping competence in favor of attributes that have nothing to do with qualifications to perform in a role. Artificially populating schools, corporations, the government, or any other entity with individuals based on race, gender, sexual preferences or any characteristic other than objectively measured qualifications is weakening our country and placing us all at risk.


The Biden administration is leading the charge by concerning itself with appointing “firsts” in prominent positions throughout government without any discernable regard for competence.


On October 25, the US Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing on Unaccompanied Migrant Children. Four Executive Branch officials, each holding high-level positions in a large swath of the government charged with keeping us safe, testified. Their titles included Assistant Director of Homeland Security Investigations, Solicitor of Labor of the US Department of Labor, Director of Refugee Resettlement for the Department of Health and Human Services and Director of Central American Affairs for the US Department of State.


In fewer than 10 minutes of questioning by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, all four witnesses demonstrated they are incompetent to hold the positions they have been given. Kennedy began by asking how many non-Americans crossed into our country illegally or claiming asylum since Biden took office. No witness knew. Kennedy supplied the answer. 8 million. Kennedy chose a useful analogy to help us understand the magnitude of illegal crossings when he equated the 8 million with 4 states of Nebraska.


He went on to ask: How many of the 8 million are still here? The witnesses did not know. Subsequent questions were: How many claimed asylum? How many claimed asylum and didn’t show up for their hearing? How many who didn’t show up were deported? How many showed up, were denied asylum, and then deported? Not a single witness could answer any of these questions.


Kennedy closed by asking how many of the 8 million were from Mexico. The witnesses did not know. He supplied the answer: 30%  He continued by asking why the government doesn’t implement a “Third Country Policy” that would require asylum-seekers to stop at the first safe country. This, he explained, would eliminate 70% (5.6 million) of the migrants. One witness offered this feeble response, “There are activities underway.”


Kennedy closed with an observation: “You believe in open borders, don’t you?”  He didn’t wait for a response before adding, “Nobody’s that incompetent.”


The dumbing down of expectations to achieve a socially engineered vision of what America should look like is sick and dangerous. It reveals an ugly truth about the liberals who are the architects. They don’t believe in the innate ability of people to compete and succeed on their own merits, and they are willing to weaken the country and place us all at risk by manipulating the system to compensate.


Americans from all walks of life excel across the opportunity spectrum because they’ve acquired the knowledge, skill and initiative required. Sidestepping competence is an act of bigotry of the highest order.


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