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Wisconsin’s Most Immediate Threats

Election Integrity

During the last election we had laws being broken right before our eyes, and those in a position to do something about it did nothing. Some examples include;

  • Democracy in the Park which was illegal, early in-person voting.

  • 200,000 unaccounted for individuals were left on voter rolls after a court ordered them to be removed.

  • People were encouraged to declare themselves indefinitely confined by COVID to avoid voter ID requirements.


COVID-19 Abuse of Power

COVID-19 is only a threat to a very well understood minority of the population; the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. But it was used as an excuse, in the name of safety, to mandate lockdowns which destroyed people’s livelihoods, stole their freedom, and made them dependent on government. It was also used as an excuse to limit in-person voting, and expand absentee voting, severely weakening our election integrity.

Efforts to continue this abuse are on-going.


The Lie of Systemic Racism and Critical Race Theory

This poisonous idea is being forwarded everywhere, and Wisconsin is not immune. It’s racist, and separates us by our skin color, rather than uniting us by what we all have in common…our freedom as United States citizens.  We’re all Americans.

A Dishonest Media

This is the vehicle through which lies and misinformation travel, and none of the above would be threats if the media kept us truthfully informed.


As your Governor I will make sure all laws are followed, your freedoms are protected, and keep you fully informed from my office when the media doesn’t. I completely understand that I will be working only for you.

Please join me in pushing back hard and taking back our state.

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