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Welcome to Beglinger for Wisconsin!  I’m an American concerned about the direction of our country.  I ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2022 because I believe we are losing our freedom. We ran a vigorous campaign from April 2021 until September 2022.  I left the race to support Tim Michels when it became apparent I could not win.  Our political system and our media are corrupt.  Change will have to come from the people.  I will not run for elected office again, but plan to continue to do whatever I can to shine a light on the truth, expose corruption and encourage the engagement of fellow Americans who want to live free.

Moving forward, I will continue to use my website as a tool to communicate.  Most of the content archives my run for governor.  There is information about who I am, why I ran and how I would have governed, as well as my priorities, views, and media interviews.  The photo gallery provides a glimpse of the thousands of miles we traveled and events we attended to meet the voters of Wisconsin.

Every week, I publish The Beglinger Blast.  It is an opinion piece on important topics of the day.  Those who are on my email list, receive the Blast as an email on Sunday mornings. I have added a tab on the website to chronicle all of the Blasts since the election.  If you’d like to receive the Blast, simply click on “Join our email list.”

Thanks for checking out my website.  Please join me in taking back our state!

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