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Trust Yourself


The crusade to destroy Donald Trump did not begin when he first declared himself a candidate for President in 2015. The media and political pundits mocked or ignored him. He was given no chance to become the Republican nominee, much less beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. When he secured the nomination against the odds, the Russian collusion lie was launched.


Voters, increasingly disturbed by the direction of the country, saw something they were looking for in his candidacy. He understood freedom and gave voice to many of their concerns - border security, taxation, trade policy, overregulation, energy independence, foreign policy, and many others. He drew large crowds wherever he went.


His unexpected victory in 2016 ignited the unrelenting crusade to destroy him personally and politically that continues more than six years later. He not only did exactly what he said he was going to do, but in the process exposed the deep corruption within our government, political parties, and the media. The changes he brought with him posed a serious threat to the career politicians on both sides of the aisle, the entrenched leadership of many government agencies and the mainstream media. They have shunned their responsibility to serve the people and they profit enormously from the status quo. They hate him and fear him and have shown us they will stop at nothing to try to persuade the voters to hate and fear him as well.


Two impeachments. Three indictments in process and a fourth expected soon. Trump’s enemies are desperate to take him out of the running for the Presidency in 2024 and jail him if possible. Government agencies have been weaponized to silence free speech and target political adversaries.


The media focus nonstop on the legal assault on Trump, while ignoring the irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden is a liar and an influence peddler who has used his connections as a lifelong politician to enrich himself and his family. Little is said about this by the career politicians in Congress because, if we scrutinized their conduct, we would find Joe has plenty of company on both sides of the aisle.


Important developments like the downgrading of the US credit rating last week, the increase in illegal border crossings and growing Chinese aggression are given little attention, if reported at all. The media abet the Biden administration’s lies about everything they’ve bungled, from the disastrous Afghan withdrawal to the inflation plaguing the country, having been handed to them by the Trump administration.


The elitist media are frustrated and bewildered by Trump’s continued support. They create caricatures  to stereotype millions of people who are as diverse as the country. Love of freedom and the determination to defend it are what they have in common.


The government and the media have a problem. They’ve squandered any trust they once had. We know we must rely on our own judgement to get to the truth. We lived through the Trump presidency. We are living through the Biden presidency. We know what our lives were like then and now. We are not buying their fabricated version of reality.

It's time to focus on 2024. Anyone objectively observing the feeble and demented Joe Biden can see it would take cheating to get him reelected in 2024. Our own newly liberalized Wisconsin Supreme Court is gearing up to make cheating easier under the guise of fairness. Expect to see them try to return ballot curing, ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, eliminate voter ID and whatever else they are able to push through that will loosen control. Election integrity will only be preserved through citizen engagement. In our home districts, we must be aware, participate, and insist on tight control of the process.


There is no doubt there are more than enough freedom loving Americans to take back our country. Do we care enough? Are we brave enough? Do we trust ourselves?


Donald Trump appears to be unbeatable in the race for the Republican nomination in the 2024 Presidential election. If he is on the ballot, I will enthusiastically vote for him for a third time.

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