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Time to Target Target

On May 17 Brian Cornell, Target’s CEO, was interviewed on Fortune’s podcast “Leadership Next”. When asked to comment on the consumer backlash to “woke” corporate campaigns he responded, “I think those are just good business decisions. It’s the right thing for society and it’s a great thing for our brand.”  He quickly learned that Target customers disagreed. Target’s market value fell by $9 billion in a week. Value continues to fall.

Many target shoppers had no idea the company was actively promoting the lie of transgenderism with “gender fluid” coffee mugs and swimming suits that are “tuck friendly” until Cornell’s comments prompted some to look further.

Many of us have been caught off guard by the extent corporations engage in pushing divisive liberal agendas. There are likely many more than we know. While conducting investigation for this Blast, I learned Walmart carries “tuck” underwear for cross dressers and Kohls is carrying a line of “pride” clothing for infants and toddlers including “ask me my pronouns.” Though a tiny fraction of the population suffers from the mental disorder called gender dysphoria, there is an ever-expanding alphabet soup being used to promote lies and mask perverse behavior (LGBTQIA – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual). To be clear, the issue is not with a person’s sexual orientation. We are in a battle against lies, the sexualization of children and the normalization of perversion.

Enemies in this fight are those who push “diversity, equity and inclusion” as a cover for perversion and the mainstream media who call this bastardization of the concept of inclusion “civil rights.”

I had no idea what “tucking” was until the Target brouhaha. I suspect I am not alone. I am including a graphic description in this Blast because we can no longer afford to be naïve about what is happening in plain view all around us.

What is “tucking”? (from the Website: Sock Drawer Heroes – Dedicated to Gender Euphoria) “Tucking is the method used to tuck external genitals to create a flat aesthetic.”

“How to “tuck”: (verbatim from the website)

  1. Use two or three fingers to tuck each testicle up into each corresponding inguinal canal.

  2. Next pull the penis and scrotum backwards between the legs. 

  3. Put on your underwear to keep everything in place. This should help keep the testicles tucked up if using this method.

Bear in mind that you'll have to untuck every time to pee, which can be trickier if using tape as you'll need to carefully remove the tape and reapply each time, so investing in some good tucking underwear can be really worth it!”


Those of us who will no longer support the companies pushing destructive social agendas must find new places to shop. PublicSq. (public square) is a new company, rapidly catching fire across the country to meet this demand. Last February, businesswire published an overview:    ”PublicSq. is an app and website that connects freedom-loving Americans to high-quality businesses that share their values, both online and in their local communities. The primary mission of the platform is to help consumers ‘shop their values’ and put purpose behind their purchases. With more than 450,000 active members and more than 40,000 businesses on its platform, PublicSq. has already become the largest marketplace of pro-America businesses and consumers and is ideally positioned to serve a total addressable market of more than 100 million patriotic Americans searching for companies that share their values.” Check it out.

Brian Cornell has shown us he is unfit for corporate leadership. Executives at the helm of other retail corporations that have been mainstays for American shoppers are on the same path. Our purchasing power is a loud, clear voice. Corporations that choose to promote divisive liberal agendas do so at their own peril. It’s time to target Target... and others.

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