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Dishonesty Has Many Faces


Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking that “adequate resources and support are available to towns and cities across Wisconsin to keep our communities healthy and safe.” She referenced our “unprecedented period of migration”, a carefully chosen phrase to deflect from the truth – Biden’s failure to defend our border against illegal entry.


Baldwin’s letter was prompted by the influx of nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants into Whitewater, a Wisconsin community of about 16,000. They are strained beyond reason trying to address communication, education, shelter, and other basic needs. They are seeking federal assistance as the impact of millions of illegal immigrants entering our country since Biden took office hits small town America.


Baldwin’s letter to Biden was a feature story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other liberal media throughout the state. This is a pattern that has worked for Baldwin in previous election years. She flies under the radar most of the time, providing reliable support for the liberal agenda that is destroying our country. She surfaces at election time and, with the help of the dishonest media, presents herself as a senator hard at work representing the interests of the people of Wisconsin.


In the Journal Sentinel article, she is described as “speaking out on the border.”  They cast her as a leader in calling for border policy negotiations between both parties and quoted her as saying lawmakers “owe it to the American people to find a compromise that helps secure our border and stop the flow of fentanyl coming into our communities.”


Her actual record on immigration is poor and includes opposing a border wall, and favoring illegal immigrants being given legal residency and then eligibility for citizenship. She is against mandatory jail sentences for those who have been deported and re-enter the country illegally, despite multiple instances of horrific crimes, including murder, inflicted on Americans by illegals who were deported numerous times.


Baldwin is a career politician who was born and raised in Madison, the liberal hub of our state. She is a lawyer who was elected in 1986 at the age of 24 to the Dane County Board. She was elected to the Wisconsin Assembly in 1992 and in 1999 moved on to the House of Representatives. She was elected to the Senate in 2013 and is running for reelection this year.


 Voteview, a project that evaluates members of Congress on how liberal or conservative they are and their lifetime voting record, rated Tammy Baldwin the 6th most liberal Senator in the country. She is closely at the heels of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Corey Booker. FiveThirtyEight analyzed her votes and concluded she supports the Biden agenda more than 95% of the time. Americans for Democratic Action, which describes itself as a home for liberal activists, gave Baldwin a 100% rating on her votes.


Tammy Baldwin is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unlike Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who loudly and aggressively push their liberal agenda and are in our faces about the America they want to create, Baldwin masterfully presents herself as a woman with Midwest sensibilities and masks her unwavering commitment to the movement that is trying to fundamentally change our country. She is fully on board with the climate change agenda, single payer health care, and gun control to name a few. Big government, high taxes, oppressive regulation, and limits on personal freedom are the price we pay for the agenda she supports.


Tammy Baldwin in a senator’s seat is a serious threat to our freedom. Dishonesty has many faces and we must not be deceived by the soft-spoken demeanor of a 61-year-old woman whose harmless appearance belies a dangerous agenda. It’s time for us to retire Tammy Baldwin. Our opportunity is right around the corner.

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