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This is What Love of Freedom Looks Like in 2024


Donald Trump won the Iowa Republican caucus with 51% of the vote. He got more votes than the other 3 Republican candidates combined and was 30 points ahead of the second-place candidate. The establishment politicos from both parties and members of the media are frantic. They cannot understand why the unrelenting hammering of Trump with negative media,  impeachments and federal indictments not only hasn’t destroyed him but seems to make him stronger. The stupefied state of the media and political elites only reinforces what we already know - they live in a bubble far removed from the American people.


The spinners (liars) were out in force after the caucus. A 51% share of the vote (nearly unheard of in caucus history) was interpreted as “Half of the base doesn’t want Trump”. One Biden surrogate claimed, “The sooner people realize Trump is the nominee, the better it is for Joe Biden”.  Rachel Maddow tried to justify MSNBC’s decision not to carry Trump’s victory speech by saying they will not give Trump an unfiltered forum because a news organization cannot broadcast things that aren’t true. With an earnest and sincere expression she added they don’t relish this.


Illegal immigration emerged as voters’ top issue in the caucus. Trump recently said the flow of millions of illegal migrants into the country is “poisoning the blood of the country.”  Despite the fever-pitched efforts of the media and political opponents to have us believe that Trump, in Hitler-like fashion, was calling for an all-white America, people knew exactly what he meant. Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC cited a CBS poll that said 81% of Republican primary voters agree with Trump that immigrants are poisoning the country. He went on to say (with the straight face of a practiced liar) this means 81% of Republicans think Nikki Haley is poisoning the country (because of her Indian heritage). Near panic at the prospect of a Trump reelection is driving a no-holds-barred escalation in tactics.


For decades, the American people have known that the federal government is a massive, ineffective bureaucracy that moves at a snail’s pace, spends wastefully and rarely produces meaningful results in matters people care about. It has been the butt of jokes for years, but not viewed as a serious threat. It took the will of the people electing a disruptive political outsider to expose the extent of the danger our republic is in. Political parties, career politicians and government agency elites will stop at nothing to protect the status quo. Darlings of both political parties (think Paul Ryan) showed us who they really are.


During Trump’s term as President, his values were clear in his approach to governing:

  • America first – Our citizens are our first priority in the same way our families are our first responsibility.

  • Peace through strength

  • Energy independence

  • Secure borders – legal immigration

  • Opportunity and self-sufficiency for all Americans

  • Limited government regulation and interference in our lives

  • American workers on a level playing field in world trade

  • Law and Order

  • Allies held to their defense commitments


Today, in response to the media’s endless hounding of citizens about whether they share Trump’s “values”, a significant and growing number say yes. The questioners, who expose their own immorality every day, press voters about what they call Trump’s “character”.  They seem unaware, when they ask repeatedly if Trump is someone they want their children to emulate, that few of us see much to emulate in any politician, much less members of the media. The immorality that pervades our society is one of many threats that need our individual and collective attention.


Another theme emerging from the Iowa caucus and reverberating across the country is Americans want real and significant change in Washington DC. Citizens are suffering significant personal harm from the destructive policies of the Biden administration and the political inertia on both sides of the aisle. Infringement on our rights, financial hardship, and unchecked crime are just some of the ways life has changed for many in a short time.


In the latest Gallup poll, 43% of those surveyed (the largest bloc of voters) say they are independents with no party affiliation. Americans are turning their backs on the political parties. It’s clear to many the change Americans are demanding will require a disruptive leader from outside of the political system. The establishment elites of both political parties will never voluntarily put forth a candidate with a mandate so hostile to their self-interests. The people are going to have to take what they want. We should fully expect political parties, career politicians, heads of government agencies and the media to viciously oppose any candidate who threatens to seriously disrupt the status quo that is their source of power and enriches them in so many ways.


Each of us must exercise our own judgment to determine what we really value, the life we want for ourselves and future generations and the leadership it will take to get the government we want. The momentum that is palpably building around Donald Trump is not mystifying. It’s not complicated. It’s not sinister. Our founders were willing to die to live free. They gave us the ultimate gift - a Constitution that grants the power to the people. This is what love of freedom looks like in 2024.

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