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Government Abuse of Power Mobilizes Freedom Loving Americans


The Biden Administration’s approach to COVID-19 has been an exercise in deceit and betrayal of the American people. Our justifiable anger must mobilize us against their war on freedom. Aided by public health officials, who put dogma over science, this administration has caused real harm to many.


The dishonest media took a pass on engaging in serious investigative journalism and opted instead to serve as a mouthpiece for the government. They helped suppress the voices of those who questioned the science and government mandates, calling them COVID deniers, anti-maskers and anti-vaxers.


The Biden administration decided there was a single, correct response to the virus and disagreement was a punishable offense. 


They rejected concerns that the pandemic was caused by a leak from a Wuhan lab in China and called those who raised the question racist.  They declared the mRNA vaccines safe and effective, despite being a new technology never before used on humans.  They called for mandating vaccinations and completely ignored the natural immunity that results from infection.  They demanded masks be worn and distances kept, both arbitrary interventions.  They advanced the idea of essential and non-essential workers which destroyed many small businesses and the livelihood of millions of Americans.  They trampled on the First Amendment by calling healthy debate “misinformation” and encouraging social media to oust those who expressed divergent points of view.  They closed the schools and masked and vaccinated children, despite irrefutable evidence that young, healthy children are not at high risk.


The CDC and FDA, along with the medical community, allowed science to be politicized. They silenced the debate within the medical professions, essential to the scientific pursuit of truth.  They threatened the jobs, licenses, and certifications of physicians and other professionals who had the courage to speak up.  They banned off-label uses of therapeutics that were working. They showed no interest in the numerous reports of adverse reactions to the vaccines, while spending $30 billion procuring the drugs from Pfizer and Moderna, guaranteeing them a market. 


Many American corporations became instruments of the government, issuing mandates and punishing those who would not comply. Never in our lifetime have we experienced our government so willing to lie, stifle free speech and impede the decision-making autonomy of free people. 


The more we learn, the more we understand how wrong they have been. They hope we’ll forget. We won’t.


The Cochrane Policy Institute, a highly regarded source for the best available medical evidence, recently reported  that there is no compelling evidence that wearing any type of mask, including the N95, helps slow the spread of respiratory viruses.


A recent study published in the Lancet, one of the oldest peer-reviewed medical journals, concluded that natural immunity to COVID-19 provides protection “at least equivalent to, if not greater than, that provided by two-dose mRNA vaccines.”


There are numerous reports of pericarditis, myocarditis, and sudden cardiac arrest in young, healthy people after receiving the vaccine.


In January, 24-year-old DeMar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills football player, suffered a cardiac arrest during a game.  He fully recovered after days in the ICU. The NFL mandated vaccines for the players and is part of the government’s “We can do this” campaign to promote COVID shots.  Pfizer spends millions advertising during NFL games. In a post recovery interview, Hamlin declined to answer a question about what his doctors think caused the arrest. 


Yasmin Vossoughian, a 44-year-old reporter on MSNBC, who talked openly about being fully vaccinated, was hospitalized twice with pericarditis and myocarditis. She insisted her illness was the result of a common cold.  MSNBC is an official partner in the “We can do this” campaign.  She and her cardiologist appeared together to talk about her illness. They would not say the vaccine could be the cause, despite the fact the FDA sent a warning to all cardiologists that the vaccine could cause heart damage.


Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, has been one of the real heroes of this pandemic. He has continued to speak the truth to the public despite threats to his livelihood. He unequivocally stated that whenever an unexpected cardiac event occurs, finding the cause is always a priority and called physicians who are not considering vaccine-induced myocarditis and arrest “willfully blind.”  The CDC has recorded 4,800 cases of post-vaccination myocarditis.


Last month, MIT Professor and expert in drug safety analytics Retsef Levi called for the immediate end to administering the COVID vaccine due to “mounting, indisputable evidence of unprecedented levels of harm, including death to young people and children.”  He went on to say vaccines cause sudden cardiac arrest as a sequel to vaccine-induced myocarditis.  He’s been ignored.


Last Tuesday, Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, finally confirmed that the FBI believes the pandemic was caused by a Wuhan lab leak.


It’s time to mobilize in a big way to defeat those who are destroying our country. In Wisconsin, the April 4 Supreme Court election is high stakes. It is a battle between an activist judge, Janet Protasiewicz, who will legislate from the bench and Daniel Kelly, a constitutionalist who will protect our freedom.  The conservative majority is on the line. Millions of dollars are pouring into our state from outsiders who want to dictate how we live.  Our path to victory is straight and clear. We must get out the conservative vote throughout the state, overwhelm the liberal vote, and elect Kelly.  There are just over 3.6 million registered voters in Wisconsin. 25% reside in the liberal counties of Dane and Milwaukee. The 2021 election of Glenn Youngkin to Governor of Virginia is a roadmap.  Terry McAuliffe, a powerful Democratic operative, was backed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, yet Youngkin mobilized the rural, conservative voters in numbers rarely seen. They trounced the liberal urban centers. We can do this in Wisconsin. Last Tuesday’s defeat of liberal Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is another encouraging sign.  Do not delay. Engage with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and co-workers.  Lock in your vote as soon as early voting opens.  Our outrage at the abuses of this government must fuel our unwavering resolve.

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