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Abortion is not Healthcare

We are a country divided politically, because we are a country divided fundamentally.
Increasingly these divisions are between those who seek truth, those who want to bury it, and
those who can’t find it through all the deception. As a leader in the healthcare industry for nearly
30 years, this is what I know is true.

  • Abortion is intentionally killing a human life – a unique individual with his or her own DNA from conception. “Reproductive rights” is a term used to deflect from this truth.

  • Abortion is not healthcare.

As Governor, I will:


  • Use my authority to prevent any public money from being used to fund abortion.

  • Promote honest discussion on the issue to help bring about the cultural change we               desperately need.


Abortion should be unthinkable in Wisconsin. To get there, we will have to decide who we want

to be and change many hearts and minds. This will require a leader who speaks truthfully and
is unwilling to reduce something so important to soundbites for political gain. I am uniquely
qualified, and prepared to do this.

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