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“The Greatest Threat to Democracy is not Someone Who Questions Election Returns”

It is  “Censoring Political Opponents” and “Weaponizing Federal Agencies.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. April 1, 2024


The crusade to destroy Donald Trump knows no bounds. Four prosecutions are being waged against him in New York, Washington DC, and Georgia and include charges of possessing classified documents, paying hush money to a porn star to keep an affair quiet, election interference in Georgia and Federal Election interference. None of these prosecutions were launched until it became clear that Trump would become the Republican nominee for President in 2024 and they would not have been brought if Trump were not a candidate for President. Numerous surveys of Americans from all across the political spectrum consistently show most people believe these prosecutions have political motivations.


Trump and those who support him are irate and Trump does not mince words or genuflect at the altar of political correctness when railing against a system that is being used as a political weapon.


The latest assault on his freedom is the expansion of a gag order by Juan Merchan, the judge in the “hush money” case. He had previously ruled that Trump could not speak against any of the jurors, prosecutors, court staff or witnesses in the case, but after Trump exposed his daughter on social media, extended the gag order to include his family.


Liberals selectively express horror when angry people communicate their outrage with ugly or threatening speech, often exempting those who share their political views. When the Supreme Court ended Roe Vs Wade, Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the US Senate, screamed at a rally outside of the court, “I want to tell you Gorsuch. I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”  Chief Justice Roberts said the remarks were, “not only inappropriate, they are dangerous.” There was a subsequent assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. Liberals and the media were unconcerned.


Many of us would agree that it is regrettable we have descended into a society that behaves badly in so many ways, including ceasing to respectfully disagree. However, the hype that would have us believe that most angry speech poses a serious threat and places people at risk of harm is ridiculous. The narrative that “MAGA extremists” (a liberal label to describe Trump supporters) are dangerous is just another way liberals are trying to stoke fear and distract from the real damage that has been inflicted by the Joe Biden presidency.


Many of the key players in the Trump trials are extreme partisans who have made no attempt to hide their contempt for him. While campaigning for New York Attorney General, Latitia James called Trump, who was president at the time, an “illegitimate president” a “con man and “carnival barker.”  She pledged to go after his real estate dealings. Alvin Bragg, the District Attorney of Manhattan prosecuting the “hush money” case, is known for allowing what he calls “low level” criminals to run free on the streets of New York. He resurrected the “hush money” case after his predecessor and federal prosecutors bypassed it as weak. His theory of the case depends on an application of the law that has never been used on anyone before. Fanni Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County prosecuting the Georgia case hired her lover, Nathan Wade, to serve as chief prosecutor, despite his lack of qualifications. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars, took unexplained trips to the White House, and funded lavish vacations for himself and Willis. They both lied about the timing of their affair and, though the judge did not disqualify Willis from the case, he described a “lingering odor of mendacity” (translation – it stinks of dishonesty) over the case. He said Willis “showed a tremendous lapse in judgment” and behaved unprofessionally. He required either Wade or Willis to leave the prosecution (Wade left) and allowed Trump to appeal Willis remaining on the case.


There is a lot of dirt imbedded in the cases against Trump. We won’t learn of it from the corrupt media. They continue to play their role in the reelection of Joe Biden by keeping important facts about the trials and the key players from public view. The latest theme the liberal media is pushing: Biden spends his time on the campaign trail whileTrump spends his time in courtrooms.


Who is Juan Merchan and why shouldn’t he be presiding over any case involving Trump? Merchan was appointed Acting Justice in the Supreme Court of New York in 2009. In 2020 he made a political contribution to “Act Blue” an organization that exists to support liberals and defeat conservatives. Merchan divided his contribution 3 ways to support “Progressive Tomorrow”, Joe Biden, and “Stop Republicans and the Donald Trump Radical Right-Wing Legacy”. The American Bar Association Model Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from “soliciting funds for, paying an assessment to, or making a contribution to a political organization or candidate.”  Judge Merchan’s violation of the Code and his obvious political bias clearly disqualify him from having any role in a trial of Donald Trump.


Loren Merchan, daughter of Juan Merchan, is a high powered Democratic political operative who is the President and a Partner of Authentic Campaigns. She was named in the 2020 Class of Rising Stars by Campaigns and Elections, a campaign strategy, and tactics organization. Her clients are among the most high-profile Democrats including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We will never hear the truth about who she is from the media, who would have us believe her status as the judge’s daughter should make her “hands off.”  Trump’s outrage against her stemmed from her posting a picture of him behind bars as her profile picture on her “X” account. He contends this is more evidence he cannot expect a fair trial from her father. Once she was outed, the site was made private and profile changed. Loren Merchan has chosen to be a political activist and, as such, it is not only acceptable that her activities are under public scrutiny, it is essential.


The three branches of government were designed by our founders to protect our freedoms. They are laced with bad actors and failing to serve their purpose. The free press was designed by our founders to ride herd on our political system by following the truth wherever it leads. It is laced with bad actors and failing to serve its purpose. Railing loudly against corruption and injustice wherever we find it is not only permissible, it is vital to our freedom. We will never submit to attempts to silence us.

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