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We are Citizens of the United States of America. Not the World


Joe Biden is in the process of entering the United States into an Accord that would give the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) centralized authority over U.S. policy in the event of a pandemic.  The draft Accord would give “legally binding” authority to the WHO to declare pandemics and direct and coordinate all international health work.  This would include treatments, medical supply chains, surveillance and “disinformation and false news” any time they decide to declare a pandemic. 


In the United States, only Congress can authorize treaties, but that won’t stop the Biden administration from trying to do this through executive action.


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is leading the opposition. He introduced the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act” on February 15.  The act requires the Pandemic Accord to be considered a treaty, which requires a 2/3 Senate supermajority to pass.


The outcome of this Accord is unclear. Representatives from 24 countries are working on the details. In its current form, it is described as legally binding “provisionally” as soon as it is signed and prior to any Senate action in our country.


This Accord is just the latest attempt by the liberal globalists to subrogate the interests of our country to the interests of the entire world. 


Late last year, at a United Nations meeting on climate, the United States agreed in principle to participate in having developed countries pay reparations to “developing” countries for what they call climate disasters made worse by the pollution from wealthy nations.  Nations from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and others are making these demands on western countries calling it a “matter of justice.”


Climate activists call this “reparations” but the Biden administration, trying to side-step the outrage of the American people and playing a deceitful game of semantics, wants it called paying for “loss and damage caused by climate change.” 


In a perverted twist, China is considered a “developing country” by the United Nations despite being the world’s biggest polluter and second largest economy. 


On February 15, the Senate Committee on Budget held a hearing at which Robert Litterman, Director of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum, testified.  Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s interrogation of these men is worth spending a few minutes watching. (  When asked what it would cost to make the United States carbon neutral by 2050, the estimate was $50 trillion.  Senator Kennedy pressed on, asking if we succeeded in making the U.S. carbon neutral by 2050, how much that would lower the world temperature.  The answer is no one knows. Kennedy pushed further, asking what would happen if the western democracies all cooperate but India and China refuse to do their part, a likely scenario. 


“Climate science” is predictive science. We are all very familiar with the precision of another predictive science – weather forecasting. The idea that humans can alter the course of the changing climate through their actions is the greatest, unprovable theory ever put forth.  Yet liberals would bury the American people under taxes and regulation in pursuit of the preposterous notion of “climate justice.”


The liberal agenda is destroying our country in many ways.  The push to global governance is a dangerous threat to our autonomy. It places American interests secondary to those of the rest of the world and we must never allow it.


We are citizens of the United States of America. Rights and responsibilities come with citizenship. Our devotion and allegiance are to our country and each other, and our own best interests must always take precedence in everything we do. We are neighbors to the rest of the world. We should always strive to be good neighbors, but we must never surrender our sovereignty to world governance. 



In Wisconsin, the April 4 Supreme Court election is high stakes. It is a battle between an activist judge, Janet Protasiewicz, who will legislate from the bench and Daniel Kelly, a constitutionalist who will protect our freedom.  The conservative majority is on the line. Millions of dollars are pouring into our state from outsiders who want to dictate how we live.  Do not delay. Engage with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and co-workers.  Lock in your vote as soon as early voting opens.  Our outrage at the abuses of this government must fuel our unwavering resolve.

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