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Infant Mental Health is Only a Problem if We Make it One


Young children are prime targets for liberal activists who are trying to fundamentally change our country and America’s children have been made more vulnerable to harmful influences by the decades-long failure of the nuclear family. The predators among us are increasingly brash enough to say out loud that children do not belong to their families. The wolves in sheep’s clothing are circling.


Our rapid decline in recent years has taken many forms. “Mental health” has become a societal obsession as the way we are living plunges us deeper and deeper into mental distress. Truth and responsibility have been cast aside. Anxiety and depression are promoted as mainstream with an endless array of prescription drugs offered to make us feel better. Alcohol and other drugs are the choice of many to numb the mind. We are told we are victims of whatever is making us unhappy and therefore not responsible. We often bypass the human connections that are essential to our well-being by choosing to be married to devices. Many fight for the right to work from home in pajamas rather that engage with other human beings. They push to work less and have more. In the frenzied search for happiness, many are coming up empty.


Children are being harmed immeasurably by our sick society. We never expected kids would be lured into emotional turmoil and uncertainty in places once considered trusted and safe. Yet here we are. We have schools defying parental rights to push agendas of oppression, division, sexualization, and gender choice rather than focus on the non-controversial fundamentals of academic education. The betrayal of the medical establishment came in the form of politicizing science during COVID and going along with keeping schools closed and kids masked despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Today, young children are being subjected to radical recommendations in the form of medical and surgical treatments for obesity and “gender affirming” treatments for those diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The lie that gender can be chosen or changed is promoted on the walls of pediatric clinics across the country in the form of the “gender unicorn” and parents are being told they will be excused from their pre-teen’s appointments with the pediatrician to allow the child the ability to speak freely (something a parent should never allow).


Last week, reporting in a number of the Gannett papers around the state, including the Green Bay Press Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, provided evidence of more harm. The article was about helping little ones through what it called the bleak season. It showcased four-year-old Eleanor, who it said, “is one of many young children who feel bogged down by the darker, gloomier months of the year.”  The “experts” cited were licensed marriage and family therapists and the article focused on having parents look for evidence of “seasonal affective disorder” in the youngest of children and suggesting ways to respond. The reader was told that being indoors during the winter months leads to inactivity, which in turn makes us sluggish, fatigued, prone to depression and unmotivated.


One of the “expert” suggestions was for the parent to tell the child, “Mommy’s been really tired today. It’s so hard when it’s cold outside.”  What a shameful example for a parent to set.


The article referenced an organization called The Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health. The focus on infant mental health is outrageous. Children are blank slates when they are born. They need to be loved, nurtured, and taught how to live. Though we each have our own innate personality, our attitudes about life are greatly influenced by others. We learn to see the glass half full or half empty. Are we really so lacking in imagination that we cannot find things to challenge us, interest us, excite us and generate fun for us year-round? Some of the best childhood memories have been made during the winter after dark… ice skating, sledding, skiing, building snowmen, snowball fights. Life should be lived.


Approach “experts” who want to tell us how to live with extreme skepticism. There is no substitute for our own good judgment. Those who are destroying our country have an insatiable appetite for power and control and a far reach. They will destroy the innocence of childhood and the joy of living if we let them. Infant mental health is only a problem if we make it one.

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