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Something We Can All Agree On


Apparently there are still some things most of us can agree on. A majority of Americans across the political spectrum and across all demographics disapprove in a big way of Joe Biden’s overall performance, his handling of the economy, crime, immigration, and international crises. Many say Joe Biden’s policies have hurt them personally.


The vast majority of Americans say Biden’s age and incompetence disqualify him from running for a second term. His feeble and demented state cannot be hidden from view, though those who will stop at nothing in pursuit of power will do their best to prop him up over the course of this election year. Kamala Harris is rated by the public about as low as Biden. Her incompetence is in full view any time she is allowed in public. She is the living embodiment of an affirmative action hire and an affront to every high performing minority who is competing and succeeding on their own merit.


It is obvious to anyone who is interested in the truth that the American people will not re-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to a second term in a fair and verifiable election. We should expect cheating to play a prominent role in 2024 wherever allowed.


The media, long having abandoned their role as watchdogs of truth, will do their part as an arm of liberalism to mask Joe Biden’s inability to function and provide news coverage heavily slanted in his favor. They will earn their designation as the greatest threat to freedom.


Chaos and disruption will be among the strategies used by those who will pursue power at any cost to distract us during this election year. The courts have now joined the other branches of government in becoming politicized. The speed and brazenness with which the newly liberalized Wisconsin Supreme Court is moving to impose its agenda on the people of Wisconsin suggest they are aware they may have a short window in which to exert their will. There will be another Supreme Court election in spring of 2025. It remains to be seen how much damage they can do in the meantime. They are going to try to mandate the turnover of the entire Assembly and half of the Senate before the 2024 election.


This election year can have an excellent outcome if the voters are focused and engaged. The corruption in our political system is extensive and will require us to take on the highest priority first. There is nothing more important and foundational to our freedom than the verifiability of our elections and we have work to do.


The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) maintains the voter registration lists. Wisconsin statutes require maintenance of the list of eligible voters. The WEC has elected to maintain a list that is currently greater than 7.5 million people and contains both those who are eligible and ineligible to vote. The WEC has also introduced confusion and complexity by adding the terms “active” and “inactive” in describing eligible and ineligible voters. These are not found anywhere in the statutes. The 7.5 million plus people on the voter registration list exceeds the number of adults eligible to vote in Wisconsin by millions and is a reservoir of names ripe for hacking by those who would cheat to win. The WEC argues vigorously for the maintenance of a list of ineligible people who voted in Wisconsin at some time in the past. It’s time for the people to argue more forcefully that we disagree.

There is no legitimate reason to maintain lists of ineligible voters. Arguments about the value of history are hollow, and the sophistication of cheating in today’s world makes eliminating this practice essential. It is not up to the citizens to prove that the names of ineligible people have been used in fraudulent voting. It is up to the legislators to make sure our election systems are locked down against fraud to the extent humanly possible. The evidence that people will go to any extent possible to acquire power is in plain view all around us. Cheating will occur if it is possible.

All members of the state legislature and Brian Schimming, Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, are fully aware of the unacceptable approach the WEC has taken to maintaining voter lists. To date they have remained silent. It’s time for us to demand that they direct the WEC to purge all ineligible voters from the list. Contact your legislators today.


Follow truthful and accurate reporting on this issue and other election-related issues throughout this critical election year on the editorial pages of On Wisconsin Outdoors (, a bi-monthly publication committed to journalistic integrity, exposing corruption, and protecting our freedoms in addition to its entertaining content the entire family will enjoy.


At the end of the day, the confidence of the Wisconsin electorate in our election results will depend on the integrity of the process. We are a deeply divided country on many issues, but verifiable elections are something we can all agree on.


Happy New Year Everyone! Let Freedom Ring!

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