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All Is Not Well
Our One Year Journey From Riches to Rags

We are in serious trouble and we all know it. Politicians pretend all is well because of the potential political consequences, but that dog won’t hunt.


Things were humming in 2020.  We had the lowest unemployment ever for all groups, less regulation, lower taxes, improved trade agreements, energy independence, allies paying their share, and secure borders.  The government was out of our way and we were living free.


Elections have consequences.  We now have soaring inflation; open borders, inviting more than 2 million illegal entries into our country along with drugs that now kill more Americans between 18 and 45 than any other cause; government mandates; soaring crime; closed schools; and increased dependence on government.


We’re fed the lie that the pandemic caused these problems.  Really?  Incompetence, dishonesty and a political agenda to grow government have brought us where we are today.


Career politicians from both parties point fingers and jockey for position, eyeing the next election.  I entered the race for governor as an Independent to keep the government in check and protect our God-given rights guaranteed in the constitution.


I’ve traveled all of Wisconsin non-stop since last April and I’ve heard you loudly and clearly. Threats to our freedom concern you most.  Protecting our freedom is my top priority and I will use every means available to me as the governor of Wisconsin.


Election Integrity

There is no freedom without election integrity.  Election integrity is not voter suppression.  The legitimacy of the 2020 election is in serious doubt because the Democrats, aided by a corrupt media, want nothing to do with seriously evaluating what happened.  The Republicans, who controlled the legislature, did nothing to address the egregious violations of laws that occurred under the guise of the pandemic.   We are told to move on, yet this remains the top concern of most people I meet.


Going forward, the unelected Wisconsin Election Commission should be dismantled and the full accountability for Wisconsin elections returned to the state legislature.  We will demand that every aspect of the process be clearly defined and tightly controlled.  Democracy in the Park, drop boxes, indefinitely confined, ballot curing, outside funding from politically interested groups, early voting, absentee voting, and ballot harvesting only scratch the surface.  If the legislature doesn’t do a good job, you can fire them.  They work for you.


Vibrant Economy

Wisconsin’s financial security is vital to our freedom.  $20 billion in “COVID relief” flowed into our state; we have no idea where it is. The state owes it to us to operate as responsibly as we must in our personal lives.  You won’t be surprised to learn that the state’s budgeting process leaves ample room for padding, and the state doesn’t use the same accounting principles required of all other businesses.  This allows for game playing in reporting our state’s financial health. I was responsible for a $200 million budget as a hospital administrator.  We will budget responsibly and report our financial picture accurately to the people.


Businesses that operate with integrity and contribute to our quality of life fuel our economy. Our state must be a place where businesses of all types and sizes can thrive, unburdened by unnecessary regulation and taxation. They must provide work environments that respect our rights and where dreams are realized. I will engage with business leaders to make Wisconsin a workforce magnet.


Effective Schools

Taxpayers fund our schools through 12th grade to produce critical thinkers and young adults with the mastery of the fundamentals required to be self-sufficient.  Proficiency in reading, writing, math and science are the appropriate measures of success. We are failing miserably.  I will not prop up ineffective schools.  Parents need choices and any public, private or home school setting that can produce the required outcomes should be eligible for state funding.  Competition fuels excellence.  Poor performers won’t survive.


Safe Communities

We aren’t free if we are in danger in our own communities.  Crime is soaring as lawlessness is tolerated.  Despite the latest lie being pitched, the criminals are not the victims.   I will support whatever is necessary to stop the crime.  We will protect the public from dangerous, hardened criminals and support and encourage people who made a serious mistake to become productive citizens.


This election will not be determined by the traditional gatekeepers.  The stranglehold of the parties and the media on our political process must end.  You will decide this election.  Together we will win in November.  Please go to and join us in taking back our state.

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