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What’s Changed?

Each time there is a senseless shooting in our country, political opportunists start the drumbeat for gun control before the carnage clears.  In 1970, my brother returned from the time he spent in Vietnam with a North Vietnamese rifle he recovered during the invasion of Cambodia.  Our 15 year old brother couldn’t wait to take the rifle on the school bus to New Berlin High School to show his classmates.  No one was concerned.  It was uneventful. Today, the school would be in lockdown and my brother arrested.  What's changed?


Our society has been devolving for decades.  A clear moral compass, personal accountability, hard work, self-sufficiency and contribution are being replaced by immorality, victimization, villainization, entitlement, dependence, coveting and taking.


We are immersed in immorality and violence masquerading as entertainment.

Corruption is rampant and exposed in our politicians, our media, and our corporations.


Society cannot compensate when children are not taught how to live, a primary responsibility of the family.  One can only imagine what was missing in the upbringing of the person who is capable of senselessly killing fellow human beings.  Murder is only one of the many serious problems we have in this country.


Guns have always been lethal weapons in the hands of killers.  That hasn't changed.  People have.

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