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Sheep Among the Wolves

Our children are being sexualized, brainwashed, and robbed of their innocence. They are sheep among the wolves.


 Last week we learned of a new book, Body Image, by the American Girl company. Its target audience is prepubescent elementary school girls. Its content includes promotion of the lie that gender can be changed. It describes gender expression as being feminine, masculine or something in-between and gleefully exclaims, "It might change!" The young reader is told that being transgender is not an illness and encouraged to speak with a trusted adult about it. A list of resources is provided for girls who do not feel they have a trusted adult in their life. The reader is told if she has not yet reached puberty, a doctor may prescribe puberty blockers for her.


The American Girl company was once a go-to source for wholesome, educational entertainment for young girls. American Girl dolls were adventurous, courageous young girls doing exciting things during interesting historical times, and their life stories were told in the book that came with them. Mattel bought the company from its founder in 1998 and many parents will be surprised and unprepared to learn the American Girl products are now among the many dangers their children must be protected from.


We've also learned that the leadership of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin continues to demonstrate their political agenda and extremely bad judgement by subjecting vulnerable children and their parents to transgender activists in the roles of chaplain and “spiritual care intern.”  The chaplain describes herself as “desiring to shake things up” and her social media posts include a go-fund me page to solicit funds for her “fiancé’s” double mastectomy. The intern’s extensive social media postings include “deconstructing my white supremacy,” “gender is infinite” and “God is transgender.”  Children and families should not have to deal with activism masquerading as ministry.


 Last week the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released the results of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This is a voluntary survey that has been administered every two years to high schools across the state since 1993. Included in the findings: More students reported suicidal thoughts than at any time in nearly 20 years. 18% seriously contemplated suicide. Anxiety and depression are increasing every year. 34% of students report they feel sad or hopeless, the highest rate in survey history. 

 In response to the survey, State Superintendent Jill Underly said, “Our children and youth in Wisconsin are in crisis, and they have been for too long. It is past time to take drastic measures to do something about it.” She wants millions more dollars for mental health services in schools. What's troubling the children will not be fixed by the schools. They cannot even teach reading and math.


Our country has become a dangerous place for children. The nuclear family is under assault, parents are being marginalized, children sexualized, and perversion normalized. Television and the internet are unsafe for children, and brand names like Disney and American Girl, which were once considered outstanding family entertainment, have become destructive forces.

 American children have endless opportunities and more freedom than any people in the world. Yet, far too many have not been taught the fundamentals of living a good life, leaving them adrift and vulnerable to the many evil forces eager to lead them down the wrong path. There is no real joy or inner peace without a solid foundation of the fundamentals. What we choose to do, or not do, about this will have a profound impact on the future of our country.

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