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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Real Transgression


On July 20, a Congressional hearing was convened on the weaponization of the Federal Government to expose the Government's role in censoring Americans and Big Tech’s collusion with the Government to silence speech. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is currently challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination for President, was one of four witnesses to testify. It is no small irony that Democrats went to extremes to keep the testimony of RFK, on how he’s been censored, from being heard.


More than 100 Democratic representatives of the House signed a letter demanding Kennedy not be allowed to testify because he is antivax, anti-Semitic and racist. At the onset of the hearing, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat, moved that the committee go into executive session to prevent the harm that would be done to Americans from hearing what Kennedy had to say.


Kennedy addressed the Democrats’ aggression toward him head-on. He spoke passionately about the Constitution being written for hard times and the First Amendment protection being most important for speech we hate.


He called out the Democrats on their attempts to vilify and marginalize him by using lies, smears, misrepresentations, distortions, and associations as weapons to silence him. He would not be silenced.


D. John Sauer, Special Assistant Attorney General for the Louisiana Department of Justice, also testified. He shed light on the web of censorship that citizens like Kennedy are being caught in. On July 4, a District Judge in Louisiana prohibited government agencies and administrative officials from “encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.”  The appeals process is underway.


Sauer shared some of the findings from the extensive evidence that led to the Louisiana ruling:


  • Federal officials are the cause of censorship of ideas they do not agree with. They push for it.

  • The scope and reach of federal censorship are staggering and affect millions.

  • Federal censorship is ongoing and unrelenting.

  • Federal officials are most focused on censoring truth that is most effective in opposing them. Their interest is in muzzling their most influential critics.

  • Federal officials are closely intertwined with a group called the “Election Integrity Partnership” which describes itself as “focused on a narrow scope of topics that are demonstrably harmful to the democratic process.”

  • Federal officials are directly inducing changes to the content moderation policies of social media companies.

  • Federal interference is distorting and transforming online discourse and rendering some speech unacceptable.


Despite aggressive attempts to silence him throughout his testimony, Kennedy was able to set the record straight on his involvement in, and positions on, vaccines. For those of us who have heard the nonstop efforts to slander Kennedy as a member of the lunatic fringe, it was eye opening.


Kennedy has been an environmental attorney for most of his career. He said he was dragged “kicking and screaming into the space” of vaccination safety by parents all across the country who reached out to him to claim their children were injured by vaccines and no one would listen to them.


His investigation revealed that there are now 72 “recommended” (though he says as a practical matter they are mandated) vaccinations for children. There have been no rigorous studies using placebos prior to licensing these drugs for use. This is out of step with all other drugs, for which the FDA requires pre-licensing safety trials. This came about because the pharmaceutical companies demanded “zero liability” for vaccines or they threatened to get out of the business altogether. They claimed insurance costs were eating their profits.


Kennedy is fighting this because it’s wrong. The ties between the Government and the pharmaceutical companies are strong and incestuous, and rather than addressing the concern, the focus has been on destroying Kennedy. During the Trump administration, Donald Trump ordered Tony Fauci to meet with Kennedy. When Kennedy challenged him to produce a single safety trial on any of the vaccines, he could not. Kennedy is not an “anti-vaxer.”  His children and grandchildren are vaccinated. He’s fighting for the clinical trials that are necessary to evaluate whether vaccines are safe and effective.


The dishonest media, for the most part, ignored this important hearing or tried to disparage the Republicans and their witnesses, proving once again they are the greatest threat to our freedom. They are a major barrier to our access to truth and we are going to have to keep them in our crosshairs as we continue to wage this battle.


As he closed out the hearing, with Democrats trying to stifle him by screaming at the Chair that his time was up, Kennedy reminded us that our founders knew democracy is inefficient but the one thing that gives us great advantage over totalitarianism is the free flow of ideas. It is the cornerstone on which all freedom depends. “Trusting the experts” is not a function of democracy, he said. It is a function of totalitarianism.


Kennedy was asked if he shares the Democratic values held by his father, Senator Robert Kennedy, and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. He responded that he not only embraces them but is running for President to reclaim those values for the Democratic Party, which has lost its way. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an honest man. He has the audacity to challenge the Government and the Democratic Party in pursuit of the truth. That is his real transgression.


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