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My Initial Priorities as Governor

The following reflect what I believe are our most immediate needs. They are all important and
must be addressed simultaneously.

Restore Economic Prosperity

The Biden administration, with full participation from Tony Evers, is responsible for the worst
economic environment we have seen in decades. Many Wisconsinites are struggling to meet
basic needs and their savings are evaporating. Wisconsin must once again be known as a place
where businesses of all types and sizes can thrive.

As Governor I will:


  • Make it clear to my administration that we exist to serve, not to impede.

  • Minimize the burden of taxes and regulations. Spending in my administration

                will be tied to results.

  • Require government agencies to be timely and responsive with permitting

                and other essential services.

  • Promote self-sufficiency.

  • Promote energy independence.

  • Reject the "climate crisis" agenda. Its burdensome regulations will destroy

     businesses and crush our citizens. New sources of energy will come from
     human ingenuity, not government coercion.

  • Work to restore responsible management of our natural resources, including

      fish and game, which are so important to our economy and tourism.


Reverse Rising Crime

Poor leadership has been tolerating lawlessness for years. Crime has gone unchecked and it
must be brought under control.

As Governor, I will:


  •  Provide law enforcement and community leaders with whatever they need to effectively

      deal with crime and keep people safe. Different communities will have unique needs.

  • Protect the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.

  • Keep our focus where it belongs. We do not have a “gun violence” problem in

                Wisconsin; we have a murder problem.

Cultivate Effective Schools

A major role of our schools is to teach the skills required for self-sufficiency and productive
citizenship. An important measure of academic success is the number of students who achieve
proficiency in the basics – English (reading, writing and speaking), Math, and Science. Many of
our schools are failing to meet these objectives. Equally important is teaching American
History. The fundamentals of citizenship are learned through knowledge of our Constitution and
the institutions of government.

As Governor, I will:

  • Tie our investments in education to measurable results.

  • Work for parental choice that includes the public money spent per student going to any

                setting - public, private, or home - that produces results.

  • Evaluate the role and performance of the Department of Public Instruction.

  • Work to eliminate controversial, divisive social theories from our public schools.

  • Encourage parents to be active at the local level. Teachers can accomplish little without

                engaged parents.

Safeguard Election Integrity

Freedom requires secure elections that the citizens trust.

As Governor, I will:


  • Support the ongoing efforts to learn everything about what occurred during our 2020

                election. Despite the tremendous resistance from politicians and the media to serious
                investigation, the truth must be followed wherever it leads.

  • Evaluate the purpose and performance of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

  • Use my authority to maintain and enforce all existing Wisconsin election laws including:

    • The ban on Mail-in Voting

    • The ban on Drop Boxes 

    • The absentee voting window prior to an election.

  • Push for a ban on outside money in Wisconsin elections.

  • Push for in-person election day voting and having election results reported on election


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