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This is Not a Battle of Political Parties. It is a Battle for the Principles of Freedom.


Every day the “reporting” in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel adds to the mountain of evidence that the corrupt media is the greatest threat to our freedom. The public has learned to expect politically biased reporting from the topics covered to the manipulation of truth into lies, all in pursuit of a liberal agenda. On April 19, the front-page headline was “WisRed takes over school boards”. The article was massive in comparison to most stories. The coverage consumed an entire page inside the paper in addition to the substantial front-page spread.


WisRed, a program of the Republican Party of Waukesha County, was showcased to make the argument that school board races are being contaminated by the involvement of the political parties. WisRed was created four years ago to promote conservative candidates for local elected office. School board members allowing COVID-19 school closures and mandates served as a catalyst for its creation. Through a vetting process, WisRed provides voters with recommendations on who will be the true conservative elected officials. Their philosophy is no race goes unnoticed and they have had great success with 500 races won in four years. It’s no wonder they caught the attention of the Journal Sentinel.


A number of school board candidates who were interviewed by the Journal Sentinel had tenures of 12, 15, 20 and 34 years on their respective boards. Career politicians with a desire to remain in power, all argued for non-partisanship, claiming they don’t want a political party telling them how to vote. The article bemoans the past: “Dwindling are the days when they could win elections by knocking on doors and running on their records.”


Both political parties have been corrupted by money and power. They threaten our freedom with the stranglehold they have on our political process and indifference to the people. However, Donald Trump’s disruption of the Republican party leadership at the national level is encouraging, as are the efforts of the Republican Party of Waukesha County to seat true conservatives at all levels of government. These are essential steps in the right direction if we are going to reclaim our country.


When I was elected to the New Berlin School Board 35 years ago, we had two primary concerns. Academic performance that would prepare the graduates for future success and a cost to the taxpayers that would be reasonable to bear. Things have changed substantially in the intervening years. The number of children who can do math and read at grade level is shamefully low despite the huge investments in education. Advancing the lie of transgenderism, sexualizing children, introducing critical race theory, interfering with parental rights, banning the names of team mascots, and introducing “diversity, equity and inclusion” into all things school related have transformed many schools from centers for learning the fundamentals to laboratories of indoctrination. The liberal agenda to fundamentally change our country has taken root in many of our schools and defeating it will require school boards dominated by true conservatives.


This is not a battle of political parties. It is a battle for the principles of freedom. Electing people who will fight this fight at all levels of government is critical to victory. Claiming to be a conservative without the courage or character to act on principles is meaningless. Our votes are our responsibility. They are far too important, and the stakes too high, to rely solely on the judgments of others to choose the best candidates for us, but WisRed is making a useful contribution by exposing who the true conservatives are. The amount of ink the Journal Sentinel devoted to disparaging their work is proof of that.

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