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“A Signal of Dire Distress in Instances of Extreme Danger to Life or Property”


The desperation and dishonesty of the forces aligned to reelect Joe Biden will make cheating a certainty wherever possible as part of their November election strategy. Wisconsin will be a prime target because it is a must win state with a seriously flawed election system that the legislature refuses to address.


The state of our nation and the mood of her people have made it clear that Joe Biden will not win a free and fair election and Donald Trump will not lose a free and fair election. Events of the past week added to the mounting evidence.


Mark Halperin, a journalist who is no ally of Donald Trump, spoke the truth in his newsletter when he said in the last 45 days Biden loving Democrats have seen “a man they barely recognize”. He is glassy-eyed, has halting movements and is often seemingly confused. He called Biden aides, the dominant media, and Democratic allies the “iron triangle of collaborators” who work in a conspiracy of silence to keep this from the American people. Their motivation for this “clearly very perilous situation” is their belief that Biden is their best chance to keep Trump out of the Oval Office. In a direct hit to the dishonest, mainstream media he accused them of keeping their “collective eyes wide shut.”  He boldly predicted one way or the other, mentally, or politically, Biden won’t make it to November.


Biden’s policies are destroying our country and he is not physically or mentally fit to be the President of the United States. His campaign seems to be admitting this for the first time as they declared last week they are going to become “nimble and creative” as if anything they could do, short of cheating, would change reality.


Last week Donald Trump was convicted of all 34 felony counts in his so-called hush money trial, a verdict unlikely to stand through the inevitable appeals process. Legal experts from across the political spectrum agreed that the charges should never have been brought and would not have been if Trump were not a candidate for President. This farce was presided over by a judge who should have recused himself, a district attorney who concocted federal election law violations from a seven-year-old payment to a porn star for non-disclosure of an affair that the federal authorities passed on long ago, and a Manhattan jury in one of the most anti-Trump cities in America. It was a travesty of justice and the latest in a long line of unsuccessful attempts to turn Americans against Trump and knock him out of the race. Sentencing is set for 4 days before the Republican convention in Milwaukee.


The weaponization of government to destroy political opponents is in full view and reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


Just prior to the announcement of the verdict, attorney Arthur Aidala, one of the most accomplished and well-known defenders of serious criminal cases in New York, did not hold back. He asserted that the judge showed his anti-Trump bias in the jury instructions that made a guilty verdict nearly inevitable and said that he agreed with Trump that even Mother Teresa would be convicted in this trial. He observed that the “Feds passed on this case so why should a New York jury be able to decide this?”


After the verdict was announced, Robert Kennedy, Jr., a candidate for President, predicted convicting Trump of these felonies will backfire on the Democrats. He said the Democratic Party believes their candidate cannot beat Trump so “they’ll do it in the courts.”


The response to the announcement of the verdict was predictable. Those who detest Trump so much they would welcome his destruction by any means were ecstatic. Their hate blinds them to the threat posed by this abuse of power. Those who support Trump were outraged, but not surprised. Americans from all across the political spectrum expressed opposition to the political prosecution and recognize the threat to our republic. Contributions poured into Trump’s website, crashing the system. A large percentage of the donations came from first-time donors.


Every indication is Trump will continue to surge ahead and cheating will be Biden’s only path to reelection. It is more critical now than ever that we are loud and laser focused on preventing cheating in Wisconsin.


On May 16, I attended a joint informational hearing of committees from the state Senate and Assembly on non-citizen driver’s licenses, one of multiple opportunities for cheating in Wisconsin. The fact that there are 90,000 permanent non-citizen residents who are here legally and have a Wisconsin driver’s license, indistinguishable from a citizen license, that could be used to illegally register to vote and to cast a vote was confirmed. We know this is only one avenue for cheating in Wisconsin, the most significant being the estimated 4 million ineligible voter names on the registered voter list maintained by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, a reservoir of names ripe for hacking. Make no mistake. The media and politicos will continue to deflect by telling us there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Our elections are not verifiable as long as there are inroads for sophisticated cheaters.


The responsibility for our flawed election system lies squarely at the feet of Devin LeMahieu, Majority Leader of the Senate and Robin Vos, Speaker of the Assembly. They control what comes before the legislature and they refuse to acknowledge or address the problems with the election system. All of the legislators are complicit. Their reasons for their dereliction of duty do not matter. Whether they enjoy how they benefit from the status quo or they are unprincipled cowards, we have no time or patience for legislative excuses. It’s now time to hammer all of them relentlessly. There are only 5 months until the election and we must demand our election system be made as cheater-proof as humanly possible


The recent uproar over the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Alito flying an inverted American flag three years ago has liberals demanding recusal of Alito in matters related to Trump and advancing the narrative this was a gesture of solidarity with the so-called “January 6 insurrectionists”. One more desperate attempt to sideline Trump. The US Flag Code says the flag is not to be inverted “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”  The vulnerability of our election system is such an instance. Contact your legislators now.

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