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Let’s Get This Straight


Let’s get this straight. We are in the fight of our lives for our freedom. The liberal agenda seeks to fundamentally change our country and we intend to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and our Judeo-Christian values. Individual liberty and personal responsibility are not negotiable. There will be winners and losers.


The November elections will be a battle for control of the White House and Congress. A conservative victory is critical to reclaiming our country, though make no mistake. The corruption that permeates our political system is a whole government problem. There is no righteous party. A complete house cleaning will have to come later but Donald Trump will need conservative Houses to begin to reverse the destructive course we are on. They didn’t help him during his first term. They better hear us now.


The Biden-Trump debate was a turning point. It cracked the truth wide open for all to see and now, in the irony of ironies, the corrupt media and liberal political operatives have decided hammering the theme that Trump is a liar is their path to victory.


 Joe Biden, who will turn 82 before the election, has dementia. The extent of his decline shocked the nation when during ninety unscripted minutes he could not understand what was being said or speak coherently. This did not just happen. There has been an extensive conspiracy to lie to the American people driven by those in his inner circle and the corrupt media for a long time.


The Democrats have backed themselves into a tight corner and have signaled, with the help of their media allies, they plan to continue lying in a desperate attempt to cling to power. The handful of liberals who reacted to their shock by admitting that Biden is unfit for the Presidency and has to be replaced have been subdued for now. The most consistent things we are hearing are “It was a bad performance”,  “Biden is a good man,” “Joe always gets up when he is knocked down”,  “Give him some time to see if he can recover.”  Many supporters are calling for Biden to reassure people and erase the impression they have.


Let’s get this straight. Joe Biden was not “performing.” Joe Biden has dementia. He will not  recover and he cannot erase what we know. His condition will continue to decline. The President of the United States must be cognitively sharp 24/7. Biden’s incoherence during the 90-minute debate in itself is cause for his removal from office now. Their plan to promote him as viable for another four years is sinister and takes the willingness to lie to the American people to a new level. Some are trying to cast blame for his debate disaster on his handlers for not preparing him adequately, a cold, or jet lag. A few aides close to the President are beginning to come forward off the record to say he only functions reasonably well between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Dishonest attempts to control the damage have put Joe Biden in scripted settings railing about how Trump is a threat to democracy, how he knows how to tell the truth, and how he may not debate as well as he once did but he knows how to do the job. He was made available for interviews on Black talk radio in Milwaukee and Philadelphia and the hosts reported that the White House provided them the questions they could ask.


When in one rally he forcefully shouted with conviction, “I believe with all my heart and soul I can do the job” Biden was the image of an elderly parent whose concerned kids are wrestling the car keys away from him because he is no longer safe to drive. People deep in the throes of dementia typically have no insight into their own decline. Those who care about them must step in to protect them and others from them.


Deceit has contributed in other ways to the mess Democrats find themselves in. They have a Vice President who was an affirmative action pick. She was chosen because she is a Black woman and she is not competent to do the job she has, much less step into the Presidency. The liberals know it. They have no intention of replacing Biden with Kamala Harris, yet how do they avoid it? To sidestep Harris would blow the equity farce they’ve been touting wide open. They would start a civil war within the Democratic party the likes of which we have not seen.


The exposure of Biden’s dementia has also reignited concern that Robert Kennedy may be viewed by many as a viable third option. The Democrats’ dishonesty and dirty tricks successfully kept credible candidates, including Kennedy and Congressman Dean Phillips, from challenging Biden early in the race. His condition could have been exposed much earlier, giving the Democrats time to produce Plan B. They were able to keep Kennedy from running as a Democrat, but they were not able to keep him out of the race. He is running as an Independent and, as he picks up momentum, they are now more committed than ever to his destruction. The author of a hit piece on Kennedy in Vanity Fair last week claims he has a pathological need for attention and is dangerous in a “conspiratorial world that gives him a platform.” It’s just the beginning. The author claims there are dark secrets that have not yet been revealed.


Lies, lies and more lies. There is no question if we seriously aspire to be a moral society we will have to individually and collectively recommit to the truth. We are far from where we need to be. But for the Democrats and the media to try to paint Trump as a dangerous liar in this endless sea of liars is reminiscent of the scene in the movie Casablanca when Captain Renault, horrified, exclaims he is shocked there is gambling going on in Rick’s nightclub as he is handed his pile of winnings. Every person who participated in this massive coverup has disqualified themselves from ever being believed by the American public again.


Let’s get this straight. Donald Trump never lied to the American people about what he was going to do if elected President. He was elected because the voters agreed with his plan. He told us exactly what he intended to do and he then did it. They were the promises made and the promises kept of his first term. He has proven himself to be unique among elected officials in his political truth telling and this is why he will be the choice of American voters in November to make America great again.

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