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Freedom Loving Americans Will Only Be Pushed So Far

The “gateway to voter fraud” is inaccurate voter rolls according to Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder and President of True the Vote, an organization founded in 2009 to “foster a resilient republic through election integrity across the nation”, ensure every citizen’s right to a free and fair vote, and rebuild trust in the electoral system. In a presentation to the Waukesha County Conservative Business Coalition last week, she named Wisconsin as this year’s #1 target for voter fraud, no surprise as the millions of ineligible voter names maintained by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) on the Registered Voters list has been well documented as the most significant threat to our election integrity. It is just one of many confirmed opportunities for cheating in Wisconsin’s election system, but it must be the top priority for correction because it presents a large reservoir of names waiting to be exploited by sophisticated hackers and makes our elections unverifiable.


The work of True the Vote has been villainized by the corrupt media and those who fight viciously against shining a bright light on system flaws and eliminating them. A system impenetrable to cheating would deliver a lethal blow to those who rely on cheating to win. True the Vote serves as a vital citizen watchdog, particularly in states like Wisconsin where the legislature, primarily responsible for election integrity, and Wisconsin’s Republican Party are missing in action. Every Wisconsin legislator and the leaders of the Party are keenly aware of the election integrity issues and the urgency of addressing them, yet all but a few have chosen to remain silent. Citizen activism is our only recourse until we can replace those who are unwilling or unable to do their jobs.


The multiple avenues for cheating in Wisconsin’s election system, coupled with the Biden campaign’s focus on winning Wisconsin, is creating the perfect storm for election fraud in November. Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, has described Wisconsin as the “tipping point state” with margins of victory less than 1% in recent elections. The Biden campaign has opened 47 offices throughout the state and has more than 100 fulltime employees operating here, more than in any other swing state. Wikler describes their operation as “turnout and persuade” and accuses Republicans of targeting Milwaukee for voter suppression, a term they use to denigrate any efforts to ensure election integrity.


It is clear that Joe Biden cannot win in a free and fair election. In the aftermath of the Trump convictions in the “hush money trial,” Trump continues to win in the polls, particularly in the pivotal swing states, and is raking in big money from both loyal supporters and large numbers of new donors. The idea that citizens can be persuaded that Biden is their man through speeches and bribes (he just announced another $36 million “investment” in Milwaukee to make “life changing improvements that are going to make it easier for Black communities in the north and Latino communities in the south…”) while they are living the nightmare of his policies – high prices, open borders, taxpayer funded “free stuff”, infringement on individual liberties – and witnessing his feeble and demented condition, only infuriates and motivates an already angry electorate.


With no leadership from the Republican legislature or Republican Party, maintaining the spotlight on the flaws in our election system, continued maximum pressure on our legislators to do their jobs, and massive voter turnout will need to be our election strategy.


The European parliamentary elections last Sunday produced an encouraging wave of change that should pale against the tsunami we generate here in November. It was a great night for center right and far right conservative parties (referred to by the media as “fringe parties on the right”) and a terrible night for liberal and green parties. The lead socialist candidate expressed his dismay, “Everywhere in Europe we are witnessing a wave that is shaking our democracy.”  Does this sound familiar? Liberals here at home are beating the drum that democracy is threatened by a Trump win, when just the opposite is true.


Motivating the European shift to the right were voters’ disgust with globalism, the climate agenda and unchecked illegal immigration. The green parties suffered the most significant losses in France and Germany, which represent half of their strength, leaving them severely weakened. Farmers and others sounded the alarm that the green plans for Europe are threatening their livelihoods. Emmanuel Macron, the 38-year-old liberal French President, suffered crushing losses.


Since the American Revolution we have understood that freedom loving Americans will only be pushed so far. We have reached our limit. It’s time to make America great again.

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