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Trump Supporters Aren’t Haters. We’re Lovers.


The so-called Trump Hush Money trial is failing, both as a strategy to keep him off the campaign trail and to weaken his momentum as he barrels toward reelection. After being tethered to a New York City courtroom all week, Trump headed over to Wildwood, New Jersey for a rally on May 11, which reportedly drew nearly 100,000 enthusiastic supporters. New Jersey is a true-blue state which Trump lost by double digits in each of his two election runs. New Jersey hasn’t voted for a Republican president since 1988 but, in recent polls, Trump is trailing Biden by only 5 percentage points with 15% undecided. He has made it clear he is chasing wins in every state regardless of their voting history.


Last Monday, a New York Times/Philadelphia Inquirer/Siena College Poll of registered voters in 6 battleground states was released. Trump has leads in all but Wisconsin, where he was down by 2 points.


The New York Times, no fan of Trump’s, explained the results in uncharacteristically truthful terms. They reported nearly 70% of the voters say the country’s political and economic systems need major changes – or even to be torn down entirely. Even voters who dislike Trump grudgingly admit he would shake up a dissatisfying status quo.


The Times went on to say the cost of living, immigration, the Israel/Hamas war, and the desire for change are drags on Biden, while Trump’s growing support among young and non-white voters is upending the electoral map.


Surveys of Americans across the political spectrum show concerns about inflation, cost of living, jobs, homeownership, national security, crime, and border security are widespread. They are not partisan issues and they cross age boundaries. Voters rate Trump miles ahead of Biden on these issues; all are very important to them.


Trump’s huge crowd in New Jersey and the latest poll results, despite the corrupt medias’ best efforts to make us care about the Trump indictments, were more than many could bear. Mystified and frustrated by Trump’s unwavering and growing support among voters, amateur psychologists lit up the talk show air waves last week, eager to share their theories of who the Trump supporters are. They called Trump a threat to democracy. They are convinced those who will vote for him are haters, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, racists, and nationalists. They decried them as wild-eyed MAGA extremists, mesmerized by his cult-like leadership and incapable of grasping the autocratic rule he represents. Their arrogance and ignorance are stunning and their ridiculous theories would be amusing if the stakes weren’t so high.


I am a member of a large, extended Wisconsin family. We span three generations and run the educational gamut from PhD to tradesmen. We have a proud history of active military service across all three generations and our parents’ generation before us. We support Donald Trump and are doing all we can to make sure he is reelected.


Our support of Trump is not complicated. Our Republic is threatened. The political parties and the media are corrupt. Career politicians, driven by power and control, do not serve the people. The judiciary is trending toward political activism. Our individual liberties have been infringed in ways we would never have imagined. Reclaiming the Republic envisioned by our founders is going to require serious disruption of the status quo and it will only happen if we the people demand it. Donald Trump recognizes the threat and, more importantly, is willing and able to do what must be done.


The supporters of Donald Trump are not haters. We are lovers. We love freedom and the Constitution of the United States that guarantees it. Join us in making America great again.

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