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What Happens After They Throw Everything at the Wall and Nothing Sticks?


Wisconsin’s elections are not verifiable and we have very little time to make the necessary changes before the critical November elections. To date, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) refuses to end its practice of maintaining millions of ineligible voter names on the Registered Voters list and the Wisconsin Legislature refuses to demand it. Sophisticated internet hacking is a routine occurrence in today’s world and this reservoir of ineligible voter names is ripe for fraud. The corrupt media and those who cheat to win have been trying to wave us off of the vulnerabilities in our election system since 2020. Their strategy is twofold. Try to make us look wild-eyed and irrational by calling those who are concerned about election integrity election deniers and conspiracy theorists and disparage election concerns with the repeated refrain that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud.


The ineligible voter names, 250,000 driver’s licenses issued to non-citizens and indistinguishable from citizen licenses, and the statute that allows anyone to declare themself homeless and vote without identification are just some of the avenues for cheating in our election system. The cheating made possible by our deeply flawed system will not be detectable through recounts or any other retrospective review. The only remedy is to prevent cheating before it occurs.


My husband and I moved to North Prairie in Waukesha County last month. One of the first things I did was contact my new state representatives about the urgency of addressing our election system flaws.


The response I received from my Assemblyman, Scott Allen, was detailed and eye-opening. He summarized the work he has done on election integrity which included authoring and/or co-sponsoring legislation to impeach Meagan Wolfe (Administrator of the WEC) (failed), remove ineligible voters from the Registered Voters list (failed), require non-citizen driver’s licenses to be marked “nonvoter” (vetoed), and more.


I was surprised I’d never heard of Scott Allen, the work he is doing to correct election flaws or anything about the obstacles he is encountering. Being on the right side of the issue of election integrity is only the starting point. We need legislators to come on strong on behalf of the people when legislation is blocked, demanding that the problems are addressed and exposing everyone who stands in the way. All but a few legislators have remained silent on the issue, though every legislator in both houses is keenly aware of the problems. Their silence is contributing either deliberately or inadvertently to the lie that our system is safe and secure. Scott Allen and all of the others on the right side of this issue need to demonstrate what courage of conviction looks like. They must intensify and accelerate their efforts until the job is done. No doubt they will pay a price. The media, party leaders and others invested in the status quo will try to destroy them but the people of Wisconsin will be with them.


Joe Biden cannot win a free and fair election. There is a growing sense of panic among his supporters and those who are pulling the strings are pulling out all of the stops. In a frenzied attempt to pander to many conflicting constituencies, they have him issuing executive orders that are unprincipled and cynical. Joe Biden’s policies have brought tangible harm to Americans across the political spectrum and executive actions at the eleventh hour will not rescue him from the judgment of the American people.


Unable to tamp down concerns about Biden’s demented and feeble condition, the campaign is trying a new strategy. They are telling us we do not see what we see or hear what we hear. They say videos like those of Biden glassy-eyed and confused wandering around at the G-7 or being ushered off the stage at a California fundraiser by Barack Obama are distortions of reality, contrived out of context by enemies of Joe. Jill Biden has been dispatched  around the country to sell us on the idea that Trump and Biden “are the same age.” 


The American people have made it clear they are concerned about freedom, the cost of living, illegal immigration and our standing in the world and they want change. Trump has a significant lead over Biden on issues most important to the voters and political gimmickry will not change our lived experience.


We can expect desperation from the Biden camp will escalate in the coming months. What happens after they throw everything at the wall and nothing sticks? They will cheat through every means available and Wisconsin is a prime target for their fraud. If we do not have verifiable elections in Wisconsin in November, there will be no reason to believe our results. Contact your legislators immediately. Stay on them. Let them know we expect their leadership and want to hear their voices loudly and clearly now. We are running out of time.

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